March 2006
3rdBox put up ! (1 comments)

4thFirst visit to outside of box by a bluetit!

5thFirst external visit by a pair of bluetits

6thThe bluetit pair return and very nearly go inside

7thThe First Entry !

8thRain rain and more rain...Only 1 visit today

9thDamp..a few more visits..and first crouching behaviour witnessed

10thShowery - and absolutely no visits whatsoever !!

11thPhew - some more visits !

13thAgain, just a few visits. Weather was cold but dry

14thQuietish, but first afternoon visit inside box

15thFirst pecking of the inside

16thNo pecking today


19th6 entries today by both bluetits

22ndNo visits :-(

24thNormal service resumed :-)

25thWe dub thee Mr and Mrs Peckalot !

27thMrs Peckalot continues to hammer away in the box !

28thMrs Peckalot roosted tonight !

29thStill there the next morning !


31stAnd on that bombshell...!

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March 28th: Mrs Peckalot roosted tonight !
Only 4 short visits to the nestbox today, with not a great deal of floor pecking.
But the biggest surprise of all was at 7.15pm - when a bluetit decided to roost in the box - and it was Mrs Peckalot !
We couldn't believe what we saw though - see attached video clip for what happened (apologies for it being a bit dark) - Mrs Peckalot basically tells her partner to 'go roost somewhere else' and when he tries to re-enter the box she gives two sharp warning pecks ! poor it not normal for bluetit pairs to roost together ?
click for movieClick to view movie clip of Mrs Peckalot roosting (26secs 1Mb WMV format)

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