March 2006
3rdBox put up ! (1 comments)

4thFirst visit to outside of box by a bluetit!

5thFirst external visit by a pair of bluetits

6thThe bluetit pair return and very nearly go inside

7thThe First Entry !

8thRain rain and more rain...Only 1 visit today

9thDamp..a few more visits..and first crouching behaviour witnessed

10thShowery - and absolutely no visits whatsoever !!

11thPhew - some more visits !

13thAgain, just a few visits. Weather was cold but dry

14thQuietish, but first afternoon visit inside box

15thFirst pecking of the inside

16thNo pecking today


19th6 entries today by both bluetits

22ndNo visits :-(

24thNormal service resumed :-)

25thWe dub thee Mr and Mrs Peckalot !

27thMrs Peckalot continues to hammer away in the box !

28thMrs Peckalot roosted tonight !

29thStill there the next morning !


31stAnd on that bombshell...!

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March 9th: Damp..a few more visits..and first crouching behaviour witnessed
A pretty damp day but thankfully more visits than yesterday!
There was 6 morning visits, 2 of them were inside the box.
Today for the first time we witnessed the 'crouching behaviour' of the male, this is where the male goes in the box and crouches or squashes himself into a corner before the female comes in. However, the female just sat on the entrance hole and peered in, but did not enter. Maybe tomorrow ?
click for movieClick to view movie clip of crouching behaviour (11secs 755Kb WMV format)

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