April 2006
1stA New Beginning...and a new roosting !

2ndMrs Peel wakes up after her first night of roosting

3rdNest building begins for sure! And possible mating?

4thNest building continues, and a lengthy disappearance...

5thMore nest building...

6thAnd more nest building...!

7thRaiding the doormat !

8thWhere's Mrs Peel gone?

9thFirst feather in the nest !

10thSteed feeds Mrs Peel ?..and more feathers taken into the nest

11thFirst attempts at daytime roosting ?

12thSteed feeds Mrs Peel several times today

13thAnd now for something completely different!

14thNest building routine continues...

15thLots of feeding today

16thWhere do they go?

17thQuiet again...and Mrs Peel flapping?

18thFeed me!

19thWhat a really strange day




23rdAnd then there was 4...

24th5 eggs - and I'm not getting out of bed!

25th6 eggs - and has incubation started?

26thThat's your lot - 6 eggs


29thStill incubating

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April 1st: A New Beginning...and a new roosting !
Today saw 14 separate entries into the box by our new pair of bluetits, ranging from 7.14am up to 7.30pm. We have decided they need names, so think it is appropriate to name them after 'The Avengers', hence Steed and Mrs Peel!
Where Mrs Peckalot was obsessed with pecking the floor, Mrs Peel seems to have a slight obsession to peck the back wall in a certain place.
Mrs Peel brings in a bit more nesting stuff, in this case - moss. Now for a peck of this spot on the wall...
Look at this for a nesting wriggle!
We are pleased the board camera doesn't do too bad a job
Steed and Mrs Peel together. What do you think she is saying to him?
And finally...Mrs Peel puffed up to roost for the night
click for movieClick to view movie clip Mrs Peels' nesting wriggles (9secs 640Kb WMV format)
click for movieClick to view movie clip Mrs Peel roosting (26secs 1.6Mb WMV format)

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