January 2008
1stWelcome to 2008 ! (3 comments)

2ndNew sighting !

16thPut wood shavings in the box

21stSiskins Galore !

27thFirst entry !

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January 16th: Put wood shavings in the box
Not much activity so far, and after reading on forums it seems there is some advice from the RSPB suggesting that people put some wood shavings in their box.
To quote: "by placing dry hay or wood shavings in the box before putting it back outside, you can provide a warm and sheltered place for birds, and sometimes even small mammals, to use during the winter.".
I have placed a couple of handfuls into my nestbox today. Hope it works...
In the meantime the number of siskins visiting the garden has increased to 6 !
Also a welcome sighting is a female pied wagtail, who we suspect is one of the same one's that we had last year.

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