January 2008
1stWelcome to 2008 ! (3 comments)

2ndNew sighting !

16thPut wood shavings in the box

21stSiskins Galore !

27thFirst entry !

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January 27th: First entry !
The first entry to the box happened today, by a male bluetit around 8.45am. The female was briefly at the entrance hole but did not go in.
There seem to be some camera issues, the picture keeps breaking up and disconnecting the signal. Also there doesn't appear to be any lighting !
My electronics operate on a board inside the houses and stupidly enough I cannot remember how they work !! all I see in front of me is bunch of wires of different colours - I wish I had wrote down what they mean last year...So I am going to have to do some testing and try and work out what is what, because I have different voltages for either white and IR leds and don't want to blow them up...
oh and I best find out what is wrong with the camera too..
click for movieClick for the movie clip (40secs 2.5Mb WMV format)

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