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January 1st: Welcome to 2008 !
To those who followed our diary from last year you may be aware that it was less than successful ! Unfortunately in the middle of March the pair of bluetits seemed to abandon the box.
We cannot be sure why but possibly it was due to the very wet prolonged weather. This would have an effect on the number of available bugs and caterpillars and the resulting lack of food is what may have put off our bluetits from completing the nest with a view to laying eggs and having chicks.
We watched several other nestbox camera websites (see links page) and for those bluetits that did build a nest some of them had great difficulty finding food and unfortunately there were many fatalities. We hope the owners of those nestboxes will not give up for this year.
As for our own nestbox it has stayed up outside all year, we kept checking the box from time to time but we did not have any roosters after the nesting season.
No changes have been made to the camera or electronics and it was assumed they would still work correctly. We have had no bluetit activity so far in the garden so we hope there will be soon !
Watch this space !

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Admin   Wednesday, March 26, 2008

just to let you know that my bluetit nest box has been deserted the female has now abandoned the box and is building in a very old half wrecked box in my neighbours garden. i will however keep an eye on the site good luck!!


Aaron   Thursday, March 27, 200882.18.180.123

Hi Aaron - I hope your female will see the error of her ways and build the nest in the proper box ! There is still time yet so don't give up hope - if a bluetit is in a hurry it can build a nest in just a few days so there may still be a chance.
Good luck and we'll be watching !

Mart   Thursday, March 27, 2008