January 2010
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January 22nd: Welcome to 2010
NestBox News
Once again, our BlueTit nestbox this year remains completely unchanged, no new cameras or electronic devices. The camera has been left in the box, even over the heavy winter we have just had, and hopefully will be unaffected.
Last year was the worst ever, we had no interest in the nestbox at all really.
For the first time ever at this time of year, we have got a roosting blue tit, perhaps a male because it doesn't appear to be cleaning up after itself. Look at all the droppings ! Usually the only time we have roosting is when the nestcup is completed, and the female is getting ready a few days before she starts laying eggs.
We seem to have an established pair, and both bluetits want to roost the night, but one of them is not happy about it. Possibly the other one roosts in a nearby Wagtail box a few metres away, but that doesn't have a camera so I can't confirm it.

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Phil   Saturday, January 30, 2010195.112.16.91

Welcome back! Looks like your off to a flying start already.

Martin   Saturday, January 30, 201082.16.211.55

Hi Phil, hope so, touch wood...good luck for you this year

chel   Wednesday, March 3, 201082.45.81.90

i have put a nest box up for the first time this year. I have no camera though and so i a m watching yours to get an idea of what may be happening inside mine. Its only been up a week and there has already been a lot of interest from a pair of blue tits. From observing, it looks like the male is trying to coax the female to take a look inside, fingers crossed ;)

Martin   Wednesday, March 3, 201082.16.211.55

Hi Chel, it sounds promising if you know the male is trying to encourage the female to enter the box. Wish you the best of luck and keep us posted.

Thanks for your comments, you can have at look at our 2006/2008 diary which shows all the various stages that can be expected through the breeding/nesting season.

chel   Friday, March 5, 201082.45.81.90

Hi, thanks for the reply, i wasn't expecting one. I have since looked around your website at the previous years diaries and wanted say how brilliant i think it is. I have learnt some fascinating stuff on here! It is kind of you to share your videos and images with others on the internet. I will be watching every couple of days to see what your birds are up to and will let you know if anything happens here. If i am lucky enough to get a nest i will have to get a camera for next year. Once again, thanks for sharing and good luck for this year. I can't wait to see what happens!

chel   Thursday, March 18, 201082.45.81.90

daily visits and nesting materials going in!