March 2010
20thFrogspawn (2 comments)

21stBuilding a nest already ?

24thRoosting Pair

25thLittle bit of moss

27thMore nestbuilding (2 comments)

31stTons of Frogspawn

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March 21st: Building a nest already ?
Another sunny day and we were outside by our pond watching the frog activity when we noticed one of our Bluetits taking nesting material into the box - it can't be that time yet ? But then looking at 2008's Diary they started building on 12th of March.
And here's the 'nesting wiggle' where the female Bluetit assesses the size of the box and practises her nestbuilding skills at the same time. There are a few tiny twiggy things on the floor and some hair but I wouldn't say that nestbuilding has properly started just yet.
Mr and Mrs are Roosting Together Tonite. Everyone say "ahh". It's fairly uncommon for a Bluetit couple to roost together, it's certainly not happened to us before.

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