March 2010
20thFrogspawn (2 comments)

21stBuilding a nest already ?

24thRoosting Pair

25thLittle bit of moss

27thMore nestbuilding (2 comments)

31stTons of Frogspawn

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March 27th: More nestbuilding
Well it definitely seems nestbuilding is in progress here.
Um, we seem to have a problem ??? something very strange is happening...BOTH bluetits are doing the nesting wiggle behaviour ?? only the female is supposed to do this, so what is going on ? could it be we have two females ? or could it be the male is in touch with his feminine side ??
click for movieVideo of both bluetits nest wiggling (1mins 3MB AVI XVid format)

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Phil   Tuesday, March 30, 201084.12.240.138

At least he's helping! I've never understood why the males don't do more at this stage.

Just as long as he doesn't try to sit on the eggs...

Martin   Tuesday, March 30, 201082.16.211.55

I always thought the male's job is to defend the terrority and sometimes feed the female whilst she builds the nest; having said that I remember seeing on Elizabeth & Malcolm's website there is a male helping build the nest too !